The Answer Tour: Part 1


Who’d like to read a blog about the tour we’ve just concluded with The Answer? Oh, go on then.

We commenced the tour on the 10th October and it all started pretty much as we meant to go on, by which I mean that at 2pm Atko was rustling up some Mojitos in the back of the van. Leicester was the first date and was very nice thank you very much, albeit slightly plagued by the ‘first gig of the tour’ syndrome where you’ve not really hit your stride as yet and you’re still actually THINKING about what you’re doing. This however was the first and last night this phenomenon was to be experienced and from that gig onwards it was all a combination of both downhill and uphill until the end of the tour. Needless to say we drank a lot of Mojitos (should I be capitalising them?) and ended up drifting gently into oblivion in a Travelodge in Coventry.
Waking in the home of Lady Godiva and Cyrille Regis we wolfed down a Wetherspoons all day brunch (well, everybody apart from me, who had a superfood salad in the vain hope that this would set a ‘healthy’ tone for the remainder of the tour. It didn’t.) and headed off to Exeter. It had been decreed by Atko earlier on that, as the following day was gig-free, we could all get ‘absolutely fucked’. Consequently once we were in the van some strawberry Daiquiris were concocted, which whilst very exotic (and no doubt with rejuvenating health properties) did taste a little bit like neat citric acid. Once our collective gums had receded back over our teeth we got to Exeter and went back to the Mojitos for the sake of our intestines, our beautiful intestines. The Exeter gig was enormous fun, with a certain amount of gay abandon being present in our performance that had perhaps been absent from the night before. Having met some lovely people and drunk some unusual drinks we set off for our Travelodge for the evening, although whereabouts this was I couldn’t tell you.
The next day we didn’t have a gig and as such travelled to Bristol, but not before the requisite Wetherspoons all day brunch and the gentle imbibing of some of their light ales. There’s not really a huge amount to report from a day off and I’m sure you can fill in the blanks yourself ie. we went to a pub, got gently sozzled, I had an argument with a girl about whether there is a Debenhams in Norwich – you know, the usual stuff. Having wolfed down what was described as an ‘avant-garde curry’ at Bristol’s finest Indian restaurant (I was disappointed it didn’t consist of an onion bhaji served in a bowler hat floating on some perfume) we ended up back at the luxurious Travelodge where we drank some delicious ‘Black Velvets’ – a mixture of Guinness and champagne (Cava). Needless to say I fell asleep with all my clothes on.
Anyhow that’s probably enough for the time being. In the next gripping installment your heroes end up on a boat, meet the Welsh and are sick in a variety of places.

Stay tuned!

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